A little HTML5 <canvas> fun

1983-07-16 22:35:00

After following a quick little tutorial at http://diveintohtml5.org/canvas.html, I re-made a little marble game from my childhood.  My great grandmother, in particular, used to destroy at this game.  The point of it is to hop other marbles and be left with a single marble left.

I have a move counter… which is rather pointless given there are no move reducing strategies.

Well, here’s the game: LINK.  Enjoy!

Developer’s Notes:

  • I’m currently trying to work in some error messages - added a help button
  • Make it work a little smoother on mobile devices
  • More gratification for being left with one ball/piece/strike-ish
  • Better dimensions for smaller monitors/mobile devices
  • some localStorage action so people can see their high scores
  • bring back the move counter