Supersized Landing

1983-07-16 22:36:40

In case one hasn’t noticed, I’ve implemented the Supersized Plugin to the landing page.  On a similar note, after a couple images, you probably will notice the aspect ratio being not quite right.  The explanation is that the images need to be of the same aspect ratio for everything to display correctly.  It makes sense, and I believe that fact is in a rather un-obscured location.

I’ll get right on devising a larger crop for my media uploader.  Hope people enjoy the images - and implementing Supersized can be a pain (fight through those parse errors), but forming the json ain’t so bad.  Frankly, I had the hardest time dealing with the link containing div constantly showing up behind the images.  Anyway, it’s posts like these that really make me realize the urgency for comments or just moving this damn thing over to PyroCMS.