Android Test 01

1983-07-16 22:43:20

So this is pretty sweet.  I was able to upload a picture and write out this post from my new HTC Thunderbolt.  I really have to admit that I’m really liking this new little toy.  I haven’t had too much of a chance to do all too much insofar as pushing its limits with stuff like flash or the videocamera.  I’ve spent much of my time downloading apps that I had on my old G1. 

Of course I grabbed a couple free games as well of other key apps I did a little bit of time looking for.  Anyway, this phone kicks all sorts of add.  If I were to complain about something it would have to be the bloatware that came installed with the phone.  It’s real extra annoying you can’t uninstall any of them either.  But as long as you can avoid the occasional land mine within the software tray it’s easy enough to deal with them.

Edit: I just had to add the fact that this thing is amazing at rendering web pages.  I’m almost terrified to say it works better than my iPad at the moment.  Fortunately there are plenty other really cool things to do with them things.  Back to the point, I can’t keep my hands away from this goddang thing.  I really am going to have a lot of fun with this new toy.  I really look forward to tethering the iPad with this sucker while driving or something.  I wonder how well that could work for the CBS NCAA tournament app.