Trying out some new stuff

2011-11-04 21:11:16

Specifically speaking, the awesome new toy that is Hubot.  It’s Github’s open source bot.

It takes a bit to get working, the instructions are fairly straight forward, however if you have issues, you’ll probably have them because of permission conflicts.  I hit a complete brick wall until a buddy introduced me to Dotfiles authored by Zach Holman.  The kid is good, real good.  Anyway, check out Dotfiles, follow the fairly simple instructions, get it installed and switch to the slick and clean zsh (I call zosh.0 ... yeah, that’s right).  You won’t regret it.  The default theme kinda blows (blue directory names? dear lord), but after some simple early tweaks if you choose, consolidating everything and dealing with each zsh file is nice and orderly.

Local development is fairly straight-forward, however what really was the great step forward was the understanding of Heroku, a remote deployment cloud.  Again introduced by Ben, got me going with my custom hubot, edbot working within my campfire chatroom.  Played around with some Coffeescript (another damn language), but it’s been pretty fun to learn.  I can’t tell if it’s a clean language quite yet, but it hasn’t had near the swear:line ratio that Objective C (unfair comparison, really), JavaScript, or PHP has caused.

Of course, I’m not really doing anything that far-fetched.  I’m sure if I’ll give it time I’ll ‘appreciate’ it just as much the others.

Hopefully I’ve thrown enough links over to get peoples going.  Here’s a purty good one giving quite a good description of how to get yourself started on Heroku with your Hubot:
Installing Hubot on Heroku

Some other cool extras:
Hubot Scripts

..ok I lied, I don’t have any other links right now..