Giving some attention to the neglected

2011-11-23 06:21:03

I recently was on a phone interview where I was asked a series of questions regarding some fairly standard programming terms.  In all honesty, I personally believe I did not do very well at all.  It’s my own mistake, I haven’t even really thought of them since college (6 years and counting..).

I decided to write down each term that I had a hard time talking about, whether it was the definition to how it could appear in practice.  I looked up each term/question and began taking some notes.

My next move was to look as to how each of these terms may fit into the programming I do.  To help not only clog up the internets with more data, but to help myself with future discussions, I’m going to post each of the questions and go into what they mean and how I have personally run into each through personal or business projects.

First up: Polymorphism and PHP.